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Professionalism, experience and dedication.

A place for enjoyment

OLAS Restaurant

Minimalist and modern, that is the style of our restaurant. A classic and avant-garde gastronomy concept paired with originality and a sophisticated touch.
OLAS offers a relaxed atmosphere, an exclusive experience to enjoy every minute in connection with nature. An experience for your five senses. Excellent service. The A Coruna skyline and memorable sunsets guarantee the success of all celebrations and unique dinners.
Enjoy NOA's more informal side
Welcome to QOMO, the gastrobar of NOA Boutique Hotel, where you can enjoy a less formal dining experience with dishes that nonetheless remain closely associated with traditional, local flavours. We make designer tapas works of art.
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Av. Concepción Arenal 51 Santa Cruz.
Oleiros CP 15179 A Coruña (Spain)
(+34) 881 244 144