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At NOA we have made good use of these days of quarantine, an important break in the daily chores of the hotel, the tavern and the restaurant, but we have put all our energy into setting up several projects to always offer you the best services.

This is how #NOAexperiences was born, from the effort to take one more step every day and to transfer our philosophy of work done with care and dedication to all our product offerings.

Today we want to show you three super interesting proposals that can see the light thanks to the collaboration of local partners, with whom it is a pleasure to work as a team. In NOA we value very much the environment in which we are located, a privileged place that is full of possibilities, and we bet on the synergy between companies and businesses in the area to give it a new life.

Thus, from the hand of these partners, #NOAexperiences arises: three packs of experiences that you can enjoy with your accommodation in the hotel in combination with activities through which you can discover the richness of our sea and our land and that will allow you to live everything very closely, without losing detail.

NOAexperience FISHING

This package is specially designed for fishing lovers. If there is one thing that characterizes Galicia and in particular the area of Coruña where we are, it is the ancient and deep-rooted fishing tradition, thanks to the wealth of wildlife that the Atlantic ocean offers us.

We invite you to open up the sea that washes our coasts by sailing its waters in search of the best treasures. You may come on your own or in a group, in any case you will count with the help of an expert guide who will teach you everything you need to know about this sport. And if you don’t have prior experience but want to get started, there is room for you too.

Download now for free our NOAexperience FISHING guide and find out all that this special package about sport fishing has to offer.

noaexperiences - fishing experience

NOAexperience SAILING

Of course, at NOA we keep turning our eyes into the Atlantic Ocean and falling in love with all the possibilities it has to offer. This is how this package was born. You can enjoy tours in sailing boats along the so-called “Costa da morte Oleirense”.

Come and see marvelous locations of our coast from a new perspective, and discover with an expert guide all of what these unrivalled panoramic views have to offer. Enjoy sailing trips on a 12-metre boat with an experienced captain, with routes from Sada to Ares, A Coruña and Ferrol.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to download our NOAexperience Sailing guide for free and start diving into a plan specially thought for seafaring souls.

noaexperiences - sailboat experience


The place where we are located offers us incredible sensory experiences, being the gastronomy one of the most important of them. We love fishing and local products, as well as everything that makes our gastronomy to have its unique hallmark and to be valued and recognized even outside our borders.

This package is designed for the true lovers of the delicacies that the sea brings us. Through a sailing trip along the Ria of Ares and Ria of Betanzos, you will discover first-hand the bateas, mussel and oyster farms. Once on land, you will be able to enjoy an amazing tasting of these products, putting the icing on the cake which, of course, tastes like the sea.

Do you want to try this experience and get to know the seafood farms in our estuaries? Download now for free our NOAexperience TASTE OF THE SEA guide and let yourself go; we will be your captain.

noaexperiences - taste of the sea

NOAexperience SURF

If you’ve always dreamed of getting on a surfboard and dancing the waves, this is your moment! We have created this experience with water sports lovers in mind, regardless of their level.

This package includes everything you need to practice this sport without having your own equipment. In addition, you will be taught by expert teachers who are part of the teaching staff of one of Galicia’s most prestigious surfing schools.

With Bastiagueiro beach as a backdrop, you can either start or perfect your technique on the board and enjoy one of the most desirable environments for surfers. Discover this corner of the open sea with a white sandy beach and a wooden walkway that borders the entire beach, where you can also enjoy a wide range of restaurants.

Do you want to be a surfer for a day? Download now for free our NOAexperience SURF guide and find out how to do it.

noaexperiences - surf


Do you want to know special spots of the Mera coast from a different point of view? With this package you will be able to learn how to practice paddle surfing or how to perfect your technique, and you will also have the option of doing spectacular routes on your paddleboard.

No prior experience is required and you will have all the necessary equipment to practice this sport with guarantees, under the supervision of highly experienced teachers.

Let yourself be surprised by this sport and by the wonderful caves and lighthouses that you will visit on these routes. Practice on your board and enjoy the best views, sunsets and incredible natural spaces, all at the same time. Don’t miss the opportunity to travel along the coast of A Coruña and discover its hidden treasures by the sea.

Download our free NOAexperience PADDLE SURF guide, where you will find all the details to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

noaexperiences - paddle surf

You can find all the booking information for any of the activities in our downloadable guides, but we make it available again:

+34 881 244 144

But that’s not all! If there is any activity that you would like to do during your stay in NOA within all that our region has to offer, do not hesitate to contact us. It is possible to customize some of the activities we offer in these packages, so that we can create a unique experience, designed exclusively for you.

Are you going miss out on the opportunity to discover #NOAexperiences?

Come and live them!